FOR SALE BY OWNER: Successful well-established Central Illinois Retail Greenhouse, Garden Center, and Nursery Business.  Perfect opportunity for a grower/manager or passionate gardener ready for own business.  9300 Square Feet under roof including retail store situated on large lot in the center of town.  Fully equipped, turn key, profitable operation with excellent growth potential and room for expansion.  Priced for swift private sale by retiring owner at only $85,000 plus inventory.  Seller financing possible.  For detailed information please visit:  Thank You. > >     < <



The retail greenhouse, garden center, and nursery property described on this page and all of our other real estate that we had for sale by owner is now all sold including five of the six rental houses described in the blue box below and in further detail on our other web page.  On June 28, 2003, we further elected to not sell the rental home located at 905 East Vine Street.  The pending sale that we entered on June 28, 2003, has completed as the sale closed and was recorded at 10:12 AM CST November 7, 2003.  As per terms offered here and on this web page, the buyers of the 6 properties were "the first one with the money" via wire transfer.






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Retail Greenhouse, Garden Center, & Nursery Business


Successful, well-established, and largest greenhouse operation in the county.  Included is 6000 sq. ft. of greenhouses plus an extra 1800 sq. ft. poly house (brand new – never assembled), 1500 sq. ft. garden center retail store (retail store built brand new in 1985), very nice 2-3 bedroom ranch home (1100 sq. ft. not including its attached garage and full dry basement) which rents for $660/month, natural gas heat, award winning municipal water & sewer and all situated on huge lot located in the center of a growing, but well controlled, upscale progressive small town of 5432. 


Profitable operation, fully equipped, with plenty of room for expansion and excellent growth potential.  Includes land enough to expand and develop a full service landscape division, which has considerable demand and no local competition.


This is a wonderful opportunity to work for yourself in a delightful atmosphere surrounded each day by beautiful plants, flowers, and cheerful people.  Perfect opportunity for grower, manager, or passionate gardener ready to start growing his or her own money in this well established Greenhouse and Nursery!  This is a business that you could even be an absentee owner of, if you chose to team up with a manager.


Net discretionary cash flow (net profit to the owner) is currently between $40,000 and $50,000 annually (part time – March-June), not including the additional $7,400 annual net income from the home if not occupied by owner.


Historically, the annual gross revenue exceeds $60,000 and the annual operation costs are less than $13,000 (including all materials, supplies, inventory, labor, property taxes, insurance, advertising, utilities; gas, electricity, water, sewer, trash, and telephone services).  Unlike most retail operations, there is very little overhead to this business since most of the retail product is produced from seeds, cuttings, and divisions.  Click Here to view a list of plants grown.


To facilitate a quick private sale, owner has firmly priced this property well below market value to eliminate the time consuming burden of negotiating between buyer and seller. 


Owner’s first preference is to sell outright; however, owner is also willing to provide financing through a lease/purchase agreement (rent-to-own) or land contract.  A lease/purchase agreement for the business property could be arranged with a deposit little as $3,000 plus inventory.


Will sell separately or all together.  The business, real estate, and residence are package priced for swift private sale by owner for only $149,000 plus inventory and all closing costs. Alternatively, the price is $85,000 excluding the home. 


Either price includes the well-established and registered business name, all equipment, fixtures, signage, deed of conveyance, well over 30 years goodwill, and covenant not to compete.


At this point inventory on hand is minimal and estimated to be under $5000 (mostly supplies & hard goods).  All inventory on hand will be priced well below wholesale allowing at least 100% markup on retail items.


This opportunity is available on the “first one with the money gets it” basis.  Owner can be ready to close the transaction for an outright purchase of this business and real estate upon issuance of commitment for title insurance (within 2 business days) or upon receiving a deposit under a lease/purchase agreement.  An outright purchase offer will naturally take precedence over a lease purchase offer.  Either way, the new owner will be able to assume possession and begin operations immediately or as soon thereafter as is convenient and practical for the buyer.   



Owner is also a retiring landlord and has for sale separately, and IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE business and home for sale, five other single-family homes in Monticello that are also package priced below market value for swift private sale by owner at only $195,000 for all five properties or will sell individually or in any combination in between. 


In addition to the consistent 3-5% annual appreciation of the real estate itself, the minimum annual net (AFTER tax, insurance, maintenance, & etc.) rental income to the owner of these five houses is between $22,000 and $26,000 (11.3% to 13.3%) depending on length of tenancy (1-year or 2-year lease term), which is based on the rental rates which were set in 1993.


The net rental income is actually greater than reflected above, since these figures only represent the base double occupancy rates, and as such do not include the additional rent received if there are more than 2 occupants.  Click Here to view the rental rate schedule for these properties.


All but one of the five homes for sale are located within two blocks of the retail greenhouse, garden center, & nursery property.


One of these five homes, a unique 4+ bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 kitchen, 1700 sq ft house (not including its full basement) is located on a ¼ acre lot that DIRECTLY ADJOINS the above business property.  This home can also rent as a 2-unit apartment, further increasing the current rental income. 


As with the business property, owner’s first preference is to sell these houses outright, however, owner is also willing to provide financing through a lease/purchase agreement, lease with option to buy, rent-to-own, or land contract with a deposit as little as 5%.  Click Here for additional information about seller financing.  Click Here to view prices and the specific terms of a Lease-Purchase.


Click Here to learn about the community and local housing market.



Even if the next owner of this business requires financing to make the purchase, this operation will easily continue to be quite profitable over and above the finance costs.  A U.S. Department of Agriculture Business Development Loan also possibly available with very favorable terms.


This business is eligible for a $3,000 grant through the Facade Improvement Grant Program funded by the City of Monticello.


In the past, this operation has run seasonally, less than four months during the year (March-June) and can easily be expanded to a year-round operation if a new owner so desires.  In addition to expanding goods and services offered and/or operating year-round, both the top and bottom lines of this opportunity can be increased by an entering owner who likes to be outside the store marketing and/or installing plants, trees, and shrubs. 


With staged production, the existing indoor growing facilities are large enough to produce at least 20% more under roof before the additional greenhouse (which is brand new and included) would be required.  There is plenty of room for expansion in the outdoor growing area of the nursery as well since less than 30% of the 23,000+ square feet of outdoor growing area is used at any one time.


The potential of this business opportunity and future growth is limited only by a person's imagination and willingness to take advantage of existing and growing demand.  Many other companion operations can easily be added to this existing operation.  For instance, there is an extreme local demand for landscaping design, supply, and services, not to mention lawn care.  While current owners do plant trees, shrubs, etc., they have never had the time to expand that segment of this operation, but it would be an obvious extension of the current operation, especially now that inexpensive and easy to learn and use landscape design software is available and most modern PC's are now powerful enough to easily run CAD software, landscape design and instillation would be a natural expansion of the services and a great source of additional revenue, all the while allowing the business to operate more than the March-June season as in the past.


With the exception of Poinsettias and Easter Lilies, which are bought in, all plants are grown and retailed locally on site.  Owner considered wholesale production, especially during the off-season, however never attempted wholesale growing after researching the possibility, discovered the market to be highly competitive and very low profit.  To be profitable a wholesale operation must be huge and fully automated = very large capital investment with no guarantee of buyers from year to year.  The large wholesalers that have contracts are corporate owned, have multiple huge facilities & locations and truck their plants coast to coast.  It would be difficult to compete as an independent wholesale grower and still make a profit.  Moreover, growing just one or two varieties of plants, as wholesale operations do would get monotonous, since part of the fun of this business is experimenting with new varieties and interacting with local customers.


The Internet is another untapped market for expanding this business as well, especially into niche markets. 


Another option to expand this business to year-round operation would be for the next owner to offer fresh cut floral arrangements for occasions including weddings, funerals and every day events.  Silk flowers, balloons, giftware, and other products could easily be added to complement the existing operation as well.  A full service florist with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction would be a welcome addition to the community.  A floral division could easily be further increased through Internet presence and/or subscribing to a national floral wire service. 



Comment Added:


In years past, we have been too busy to visit other garden centers at the beginning of the spring season, so when we did observe them it was always after the first of June.


We always assumed that the reason that their plants were so much of lesser quality than ours was that it was the end of THEIR season and that their plants were "picked over".  At the same time, our plants back home at Eades Greenhouse & Nursery were still fresh, compact, and vigorous looking, since we purposely staged our crops for that reason (and to conserve bench space).


However, if what we saw when we walked through the nearest Wal-Mart on Mother's Day Sunday, May 11, 2003, is representative of the typical quality offered by the garden centers 20 minutes from here in Champaign, Urbana and Decatur, we can now clearly see that we missed a huge market over the years, by not advertising in those communities, especially considering their population base.


The quality of the "factory mass-produced" trucked in plants we saw at Wal-Mart at the beginning of their season compared to the superiority of the locally grown greenhouse plants we offer is no comparison.  While their mediocre quality plants were alive, that is about all that can be said for them.


The second shock we had was the extremely limited selection of plants offered by Wal-Mart.  See for yourself.  Print out, then go to any garden center and compare their selection of annual, perennial, and vegetable plants to ours.


After the shock wore off from the mediocre quality plants and limited selection, we were stunned by the fact that their "everyday low prices" were in fact higher than ours were!


I realize that these are some bold statements.  It is not my style to belittle others, as I always stand on my own virtues.  However, at the risk of sounding condescending, it is fair to say that if our selection were as limited as theirs is, we would consider our inventory sold out for the season and if our plants were of that quality, we would call it a crop failure and dump them on the compost pile, rather than insult our customers with them.  No wonder we always received so many warm compliments from our patrons.


Given my proven record of accomplishment as a successful entrepreneur, it is not like me to miss such a wide open market and obvious opportunity to easily multiply our volume and bottom-line profit like this.  I could just kick myself and the only thing I can say in my defense is that when we considered these markets 10 years ago, the quality, selection and prices must have been considerably better than they are today… least that is my story and I am sticking to it :).


Sincerely,  Steve Shreffler



Owner has streamlined operations and maintained meticulous records of supplies & materials and production and sales statistics and is available to assist as consultant through transition period. A certain amount of orientation and consultation will naturally be included in the sale of the business and property to insure a seamless transition and the next owner's success.  Ongoing fee-based consulting and/or hands-on assistance can be arranged depending upon the next owner's needs.


This successful business has been a fixture in Monticello Illinois for over 60 years and since renamed Eades Greenhouse & Nursery in 1969, enjoys a celebrated reputation for quality.  This operation returns a good profit now even though the owner always uses only the best materials and has never sacrificed quality for profit.  The firm’s renowned reputation has always been based on producing the greatest selection of the freshest and highest quality plants the area has ever seen. Click Here to view a list of plants grown.


In the last 3 years of operation, during the month of May, Annual Bedding Plants & House plants have accounted for 59.6% of the sales, Vegetable & Herb plants 9.9%, Hanging Baskets & Potted Flower Arrangements 8.6%, Hard Goods 8.1%, Perennials 5.7%, Soil Products 5.4%, Seeds 2.1%, Trees & Shrubs 0.5%.


This business can be 100% operational within 7-10 days and the next owner will have full control over the operation as no plants are growing at this time.


Owner has good and legal title and full authority to sell and transfer this business which is owned free & clear including the real estate, buildings, & all fixtures, which has NO debt, outstanding loans, notes, liens, or mortgages or any other encumbrances and is not in default of any credit, involved in any litigation or subject to any judgments.  Owner has always paid all account statements/invoices by return mail the same day as received.


Reason for Sale: “success in the stock market combined with too many irons in the fire”.  After working 16-18 hours/day, 7 days/week for over 20 years (including the 40-48 hours per week that it takes to operate this business March - May), owner intends to slow down and spend more time with family and have elected to discontinue five of the businesses they own and retire in Monticello at their home 563 feet East of this business property.  Having never missed a day of work due to illness on over 30 years and not taken a vacation in 12 years, owner wants to “play hooky” for a while.


Current owners operated this business as husband & wife team and as such, the cost of additional labor has been kept to a bare minimum.  Using contract labor on a piece work basis, the following does not apply to this business, however, if employees were hired, under the State and Federal agriculture regulations which govern greenhouse & nursery operations in the state of Illinois, this business would be exempt from the following, since the labor requirements to operate this business fell far below the following limits; 1) With less than 4 employees, this operation would be bound by no minimum wage requirement or overtime pay.  2) Workman’s Compensation Insurance is not a requirement if the business had less than 400 workdays of Ag. labor per quarter during preceding calendar year.  3) Unemployment Insurance is not required unless the business exceeded $20,000.00* payroll/quarter or employed 10 or more employees on 1 day during any 20 week period.  This type of business has the most favorable labor laws and requirements of any small business, which further contributes to a surprising low cost of overhead and unusually high profit margin.


*If memory serves correctly this is per employee, per quarter (either way this business would fall far below $20k/quarter payroll).


This operation requires no Federal, State, County, or Local permit or licenses, other than simply registering for standard tax numbers (no cost or qualifications) and paying a nominal State Nurseryman’s license fee of $20 (simple application, no test or credentials required).


A recent development that should positively influence this business is that due to a tornado (first in 115 years) that recently struck the city of Monticello, it is anticipated that this business will benefit from dramatically increased demand for nursery stock, due to the destruction the tornado caused to trees and shrubs on the West side of the community (you have to look for it but it’s there). 


Reports tallied the loss of trees to be in the thousands and certainly many of those will be replaced over the next few years.  With Eades Greenhouse and Nursery being the only local supplier of nursery stock, understandably this business would be the main source for our residents. 


Fortunately, the properties on this web page were spared serious damage as the tornado struck the other side of town.  Click Here to view an email sent at the time containing news stories pertaining to the tornado.  


This property suffered only minor damage due to the tornado, which will initially add at most a day or two to the normal 2-3 day annual preparation work, which is typical in for the spring startup for a season’s production.  The cost of this minor additional maintenance and repairs has been generously factored into the selling price.


Another aspect to how the storm may significantly benefit this business is addressed in an article regarding this issue from the local newspaper.  Click Here to view the article.   


In addition to several affluent new residential subdivisions and industrial parks that are filling right now, there are a number of local multi-million dollar capital improvement projects underway (see below), including a brand new middle school and a new public safety facility (not that a new jail is even needed), all of which will increase the demand for nursery stock for the local garden center and bottom line profit for the owner. 


If a person were to market to these projects, it is very possible that the Nursery and/or Landscaping division of Eades Greenhouse & Nursery alone would net additional profits which could easily surpass the annual net income from the current seasonal greenhouse and garden center spring operation as historically the sales of trees, shrubs, and landscaping have been less than 1% of this firm’s annual sales.


Click here to View Pictures of This Property


To view survey plat maps of this property Click Here.  The location of the buildings are drawn in to give an idea of the layout of the garden center complex and make it easier to consider possible division options for the sale of this property. 


The overall lot size will depend upon by how (and if) buyer and seller actually choose to divide the property, which will ultimately be determined by what houses and buildings are involved in the sale.  The total lot size is about one acre (which is equivalent to one full city block) and is located one block North and six blocks East of the center of town.






The above is all located in a city that is a great place to raise children or to get away from the busy city and own your own business that already has an outstanding reputation.  The lifestyle in the city of Monticello, Illinois is comfortable and secure, offering a nice contrast to the hurried and congested lifestyle in a larger city, with Monticello’s rich architecture, abundant green space, continuous and positive growth, relaxed pace and down-to-earth Midwest values.


Blending the charm of country living with the services and conveniences of a city, Monticello, Illinois is a unique community of 5,432 in the heart of Illinois farm country with an abundance of natural resources and unequalled quality of life.  Located in the center of the Sangamon river valley, the dark prairie soil in Piatt County is some of the best in the nation according to U.S. Statistics.  The fertile topsoil is deep and production abundant.


The business and all homes described above are all centrally located within easy walking distance of anywhere else in town.  This business is included and pictured on page 140 of the hardbound historical bookMonticello – 150 years later” published in 1987.


Monticello residents enjoy excellent local full-service; medical facilities (number of physicians per capita is 3-times the national average), hospital, local based ambulance service, ESDA, police & fire protection, excellent schools, affordable and executive housing, both old and new, extensive public library, public airport (Medi-Evac capable), golf course and driving range, large municipal swimming pool and other recreational facilities and parks, year-round city-sponsored recreational activities (over 25 programs and 6 annual special events), local radio station and cable TV channel, live theater, local dining & lodging - as well as a established daycare, retirement village, nursing home, county health and mental health centers, social and senior services, and more than a dozen local churches representing the various denominations (64 churches listed in the Monticello area, of which 17 are here in town), several county and state offices including a local drivers license examination station and many other amenities and conveniences only enjoyed in larger cities. 


In Monticello, quality IS the way of life.  Monticello has a progressive, friendly government and one-stop city services second to none including an excellent recreational program with a full-time director, aggressive capital improvements program, Enhanced 911 emergency services system, full time professional 24/7 City Police protection (officers are also trained first alert responders and each squad car is fully equipped including emergency Defibrillators).


The Monticello Fire Department is fully trained in fire and rescue.  Most of they calls to which they respond are medical assistance and due to the continuing advanced training program and state-of-the-art equipment they have, the Monticello fire department has achieved fire rating code decrease from city class 7 to a 5 and in turn causing a 10% decrease in insurance premiums city wide effective last October.  Monticello is also located within minutes of multiple trauma centers.


In spite of the current national economy, the City of Monticello currently has the largest fund balances (cash in the bank) in the history of the city.  All of this with NO DEBT and NO outstanding bonds, and most importantly all of this accomplished with NO increase in the city tax rate.  In fact, the city tax rate has decreased each of the last 7 years in a row and the City has millions of dollars cash on hand thanks to fiscal responsibility and wise long-range planning. 


As in past years, the recently passed city budget once again includes huge capital improvement projects, further enhancing the city, while other communities are struggling just to pay their bills.


Monticello has an award winning municipal water system which is fed from the pure underground Mahomet aquifer, ample reliable electricity and natural gas supplied by Illinois Power Company offering low utility rates, telephone service by Verizon, Cable TV and super fast broadband Cable Modem Internet Service by Mediacom, high-speed and wireless telecommunications, local dial-up Internet access offered by at least 3 companies, and trash removal service provided by your choice of 3 companies as well.


Monticello Railway Museum's weekend summer vintage train rides pass within view of this property and bring in many new customers each year. 


For more information about Monticello, please visit:


Click Here to view the Sperling's BestPlaces Neighborhood Profile of Monticello.  Do not miss page two of the data, as the link is small and in the bottom left of the page. 


Monticello has more than its share of park and recreational areas, and in addition to the abundant facilities maintained by the city, county, and University of Illinois and freely used by the residents, there are the Monticello public schools’ 5 gymnasiums, weight room, handball court, 2 running tracks, lighted baseball diamonds, 2 lighted football fields, lighted softball diamonds, and lighted tennis courts which are open 24/7 for the use of Monticello Residents and used by the city recreation department, as well as the Monticello Golf Club’s 9-hole golf course and Foster’s Bowling alley.


In addition to the 9 parks in Monticello, of special interest to gardeners and one of Monticello's most beautiful attractions is Robert Allerton Park, a designated National Natural Landmark located just southwest of town.  In addition to the large Georgian mansion, Allerton Park consists of 1,500 acres of formal gardens, many famous and meaningful statues, nature areas, and miles of walking trails.  More than 100,000 people visit the park each year.  Click Here for more information about Robert Allerton Park.


Monticello also enjoys the vast resources of the University of Illinois, which is located 20 miles from Monticello.  Moreover, the U of I maintains a fully staffed County Extension office located in Monticello offering free horticulture, lawn, and garden programs that cover the various issues that local residents may run across and many options to use to solve those issues.  Click Here for a full listing of these programs and more information.


The air quality in Monticello as reported by the EPA is rated 46% better than the national average.  This location in central Illinois also enjoys a climate entirely free of serious natural disasters and occurrences including geologic hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides, floods, subsidence/collapse, sinkholes, karsts, mudslides, or avalanches.  With the exception of minor thunderstorms, and in spite of spite the occasional (but very rare) tornado, Monticello does not lye in “tornado alley” and is completely free from atmospheric hazards such as hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, nor'easter, typhoons, tropical cyclones, tidal waves/tsunamis, el nino/la nina, locusts, or wild fires.  Due to the low population density location, there is virtually no threat of disease epidemics, war, riots, urban or other terrorism, and almost no exposure (if any) to anthropogenic or technological hazards such as smog, radon, mercury, asbestos fibers, coal dust, acid rain, oil spills, or contamination of the atmosphere or surface waters with harmful substances.


Monticello is a proud community, and its schools, museums, parks, historical landmarks, are a major contributing factor in that feeling of pride.  Monticello schools have always been staffed with well-trained, highly qualified people and as a result, Monticello students have consistently scored far above average and in the top 5% on both state and national achievement tests. 


Monticello, already containing a lot of magnificent older homes and numerous beautiful newer homes, has room to add many more.  When visiting Monticello, be sure to visit “Millionaires’ Row” (North State Street), South Charter Street, and Piatt Street.


Every town has similarities and unique characteristics, but few under 5500 population can compare to Monticello for its abundance of preserved historical and architecturally significant homes, buildings, and landmarks. 


In 1976, 24 sites, including 18 homes were identified by the Historical Preservation Board and designated with bronze plaques including the spot where Abraham Lincoln first met and talked to Stephen Douglas, which led to the famous series of debates in 1858.  Abraham Lincoln stayed in Monticello while practicing law in the Piatt County courthouse.  Ever hear the phrase “Lincoln Slept here” ?  Well, the building immediately North of the Eades Greenhouse and Nursery is the hotel that Abraham Lincoln frequently stayed in when he was in Monticello and as such is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


In spite of the fact that Monticello is located on Interstate I-72, less than 30 minutes from a large shopping mall in Champaign and another in Decatur, the business climate remains consistently healthy as the residents choose to support their local merchants, both out of convenience and loyalty, as well as the knowledgably personalized service they are accustomed. 


Monticello is home to over 50 retail businesses and over 100 non-retail businesses and the community is also home to many professional people, including doctors, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, and attorneys with local practices.  Perhaps the least publicized Monticello advantage is its fine selection of restaurants.  Few small towns can claim cuisines so varied, with 18 dining locations. 


Parades, holiday celebrations, and homecoming are all part of the yearly activities in most small towns and Monticello has all of these and an especially fine 4th of July free fireworks display and celebration, which grows bigger every year, and attracts large crowds including the area Television news.


Piatt county ranks 4th of Illinois' 102 counties by percentage of residents who are high school graduates and of the population over 25 years of age, over 21% are college graduates with 4-year degrees and 11% have graduate degrees. 


The median home value is $100,700, and the per capita income of $45,754 ranks 11th of Illinois' 102 counties.  More than 74% of Monticello residents own their own homes (18% above the national average), average rent in Monticello is $480, average household net worth is $204,174, and the average farmer in Piatt County owns a 604-acre farm worth $972,596.


Illinois has NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX and the Illinois state income tax is fraction of that in most other states.  If fact, there are only 7 states in the USA that have a lower state income tax.  Most state tax rates are as much as 3 times that of the Illinois flat tax (3% of federal adjusted gross income with modification), which naturally does not penalize upper income brackets. 


Better still, with local tax rates in other cities being in excess of 12%; both the county of Piatt and the city of Monticello have NO LOCAL SALES TAX SURCHARGE and NO COUNTY OR CITY INCOME TAX!  Zero – zip – nata – never had it – never will.


Monticello has one of the finest school systems (1 teacher for every 16 students), lowest crime rates (almost nonexistent), and lowest property taxes in the state*Click Here to view a shocking property tax-rate comparison chart. 


*Thanks to Illinois Power Company and Verizon Communications (formerly General Telephone Company) having located their official home offices in Monticello years ago to take advantage of the low taxes, further resulting in an unusually large distribution of the corporate replacement tax, and ultimately resulting in far lower property taxes in Monticello.  All if which acts to lower the overall cost of living and doing business in Monticello as compared to other communities in the state.


Monticello is the Piatt County Seat and enjoys the solid work force that is available in the area with a stable population base.  Population within Piatt County is 16,623.  There is a population base of 250,000 within a 50-mile radius.  Two of the world's largest agribusiness processing companies, as well as a renowned research, technological and educational center, are within a 30-mile radius. 


Approximately 90% of the area is cropland, 3% pasture, 1% woodland, and 5% other (municipalities, waterways, highways). 


The transportation network of Piatt County includes interstate highways, U.S. highways, state highways, and a network of well-maintained local roads. 


Monticello is the ideal central Illinois draw location near I-57 & I-74 on I-72, 20 miles from & midway between Champaign-Urbana (home of the University of Illinois) and Decatur IL.  Monticello enjoys two exits off Interstate I-72 and one off I-57.  This county seat community is only 1 hour from the state capital and 2 hours from Chicago, St. Louis, & Indianapolis. 


Strategic location for work and play, easy access to highways, rail and air travel, an abundant and skilled work force, and a vibrant local economy (to spite the current condition of our the national economy).  These are just a few of the reasons why so many businesses call Monticello home.


For more information about Monticello and Piatt County, please visit: The Illinois Dept. of Commerce & Community Affairs (DCCA) analysis.  The DCCA also has a variety of assistance and financial information for new business start-ups and those existing businesses needing to upgrade or expand.  Click Here for a brief description of some of the Federal, State and local assistance programs and tools available to new or expanding businesses within the City of Monticello.


The city of Monticello is pro-business and has on staff a full-time Economic Development Director and is also designated as a "Main Street community" thanks to the planning and proactive approach of our City administration and staff, Planning Commission, Zoning Board (owner sits on the Monticello Zoning Board), and various other business, religious and civic groups including a very active Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau which work closely with the City of Monticello administration to create a favorable business climate, retain existing jobs, create new jobs, and bring new business and industry to the area.


Monticello has several strong organizations that are always actively pursuing the various grants, which in turn pay for projects like the multi million-dollar Streetscape Project which is currently wrapping up.  Click Here to view line item # 172, which shows the $1,104,443 bid for the State of Illinois’ half of the Streetscape project.


Since the city of Monticello has the foresight to maintain a current comprehensive plan, which is already in place as well as other prerequisites, surveys and studies, we are able to take advantage of the state and federal sponsored programs and grants that many other communities do not qualify.  Several times Monticello has been one of fewer than 12 communities that qualified for grants in the entire state. 


Illinois is currently undergoing the largest Capital Improvement Programs in decades.  The good economy in the late 90s and legislative initiatives have fueled and created programs such as “Build Illinois” and “Illinois FIRST” programs, both dedicated to building, expanding, rehabilitating, and repairing Illinois’ infrastructure, schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, and State-owned facilities.  There is a local matching portion of the program of school construction.


The Illinois FIRSTprogram (Illinois Fund for Infrastructure, Roads, Schools, and Transit) is a five-year, $12 billion funding package (of which Piatt county gets at least $5,483,342) is the largest State public works program ever funded in Illinois.  Projects include highways, bridges, school classrooms, mass transit, water and sewer lines, economic development projects, park and playground development, biking and hiking trails, fire equipment, police equipment and community centers for senior and youth programs.



For additional information, please email us at:



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or contact us by telephone at: 217-762-4846



Thank You



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Owner can normally be reached by telephone Monday-Friday 9 AM - 5 PM CST at 217-762-4846.



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If you would wish to communicate using instant messages, my Yahoo ID is: Eades_Greenhouse


Note: While my PC is online 24/7, it may be idle if I am away from my desk, but you can still send me an instant message and it will be the first thing I see when I return.


If you are using a computer that is equipped with a microphone and speakers, we can also voice conference over Yahoo Messenger, which is another free service.


You will need the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger that includes the voice chat feature.


Click Here if you wish to get the Yahoo! Messenger.  It is a free download.


If you prefer, I can also be contacted via AOL, MSN, and ICQ instant messengers

and am equipped to both voice and video conference via NetMeeting.






Terms of Sale



I am a private party selling 7 of the 8 properties that I own and while I have bought these properties over the years, this is the first time I have ever sold one and am not in the real estate business, but where applicable, the terms of this transaction shall be in accordance with the Sales Information and Policies of my business.  Since this is a private transaction, you will not be required to pay sales tax.


Inspection: These properties are available for your inspection by appointment.  Inspection is welcomed and encouraged.  These properties are all located in Monticello Illinois.  (Halfway between Champaign and Decatur Illinois, 1 hour east of Springfield Illinois and 2 hours from Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis).


Closing: We can be ready to close this transaction immediately upon issuance of commitment for title insurance (anticipated to take less than 2 business days).


Financing/Credit Available: Our first preference is to sell these properties outright, however, we are also willing to provide financing through a lease/purchase agreement, lease with option to buy, rent-to-own, or land contract as specified above.  Click Here for some additional information about seller financing or visit


Payment Terms: 3.5% non-refundable deposit on the business property (5% on houses), due immediately and balance to be paid as agreed in acceptable proposal.  The price does not include inventory, tax, or any closing costs but does include 5% discount for payment by cash, wire transfer, check, or money order.  Best if deposit is by wire transfer.


Method of Payment:  Cash (U.S. currency), bank wire transfer, electronic check, travelers' check, money order, certified or cashiers' check drawn on any bank located in the USA.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards.  Company & personal check drawn on any bank located in the USA accepted, but must allow extra time for clearance.  All electronic check and credit card payments handled securely online through


Buy With Confidence:  I have had same address since 1973, same bank account number and telephone number since 1977, same business location and spouse since 1979, and same eBay user name and verified I.D. since 1998.



I am a confirmed PREMIER PayPal member


and PayPal VERIFIED more than 3 years ago.


Please feel free to


You can pay me securely with any bank account (electronic check)


or major credit card online through PayPal

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

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For details about the cars I am selling from my Corvette & Muscle

Car collection, visit my personal homepage:





I have tons of factory original, high-performance Chevrolet

engine parts for sale - for details go to:











Identity theft could be referred to as any of the following: ID Theft, Identity Fraud, Bank Fraud, Account Takeover, Credit Card Fraud, Criminal Identity Theft, Check Fraud, New Account Fraud, or Wire Fraud. Although different institutions, companies or agencies may use these terms, do not be confused. The crime is still Identity Theft.





Business for sale: 

FOR SALE BY OWNER: Central Illinois retail greenhouse, garden center, and nursery business.  Perfect opportunity for a grower/manager or passionate gardener ready for own business.  9300 Square Feet under roof including retail store situated on large lot in the center of town.  Fully equipped, turn key operation with excellent growth potential and room for expansion.  Priced for swift private sale by retiring owner at only $85,000 plus inventory.  Seller financing possible.  For detailed information, please visit:




Attention Real Estate Investors:

HOUSES FOR SALE BY OWNER separately, and in addition to the above, 6 other single family homes in Monticello which are also package priced below market value for swift private sale by owner at only $259,000 for all 6 properties or will sell individually or in any combination in between.  Seller financing possible.  For detailed information, please visit:



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We grieve for all those who fell victim to terrorism on September 11, 2001

To those who perpetrated this act we say:  May God have mercy on your souls....for we will not!





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