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610 East Livingston Street, Monticello, Illinois  61856

Telephone 217-762-4846




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> >  Special Announcement to Our Loyal Customers  < <



Our garden center will no longer operate under our ownership, due to the better than anticipated success and tremendous growth potential of our main venture, which has evolved into enormous enterprise, and undertaking in and of itself.


We have accordingly turned our full and undivided attention to the management of our Stocks and Options trading company, Shreffler Securities Ltd.


Our rapidly growing business Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc. and our associate partners will not be effected by this, nor will Shreffler Web Hosting Service.


We have therefore elected to permanently suspend operations and/or the further expansion of 5 of the 8 business ventures we own;


¨      Lightning Speed Shop

¨      Steve's Guns & Ammo

¨      Shreffler Construction

¨      Eades Greenhouse & Nursery

¨      Shreffler & Associates Property Management


We have been wrestling with this decision for some time now and reluctantly have come to the conclusion that we need to get our business into the hands of someone with the time expand and improve our already successful operation and hopefully advance it to a year-round operation.  Up until recently, we were under the illusion that somehow we would be able to get other irons out of the fire, allowing us to focus more attention to the expansion of Eades Greenhouse and Nursery.  However, our “to do” list is longer today than it was 10 years ago so to get caught up we must make changes in our agenda order to make progress. 


Successfully transforming Eades Greenhouse and Nursery from the tired old business it was when we bought it back in 1993, into the lucrative operation it has been since we took over has been rewarding.


We will miss visiting with the 3000 of you that have been our most loyal customers each spring and judging by our patron feedback already, we know you miss us. 


We are actively seeking new owners that can take over, continue, and expand our greenhouse, garden center, and nursery operations.  Judging by the recent feedback and interest expressed by potential new owners, and the low offering price, we anticipate our business will open very soon under new ownership and our community will once again enjoy the greatest selection of the highest quality plants this area has ever seen.


Dora has retired to become a full time mother and homemaker and Steve hopes to return to semi retirement soon.


Thank you for your support over the years.

Steve & Dora




For additional information, please email us at:


This Email Address

This Email Address


or contact us by telephone at: 217-762-4846




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We grieve for all those who fell victim to terrorism on September 11, 2001

To those who perpetrated this act we say:  May God have mercy on your souls....for we will not!







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